At Zagori Suites you will have the opportunity to relax, but also to enjoy dozens of interesting activities that will make your stay an unforgettable experience.

Felting Workshops

Discover the art of felting and learn under the guidance of Lena how to use the warp, the heald and all the basics of loom weaving. Indulge yourselves to the sense of touch, submerge in sumptuous silks, yummy yarns and fabulously fine wool fibers to create felt scarves and wraps that demand to be “felt”, learn the technique of felting around an existing vessel such as a glass jar in order to create a basic hood, learn the layout technique for fine felt, learn how to make straight edges with ease and much more.

felting workshops

Mushroom Hunting – Truffle Hunting

Wild mushroom hunting is an outdoors activity that takes palce in Spring and Autumn when the rainfalls and small fluctuations between daily and night temperatures favour the growth of the fungi. In the Zagori region and the National Park / Geopark of Vikos-Aoos one can find most of the well-known edible varieties of wild mushrooms such as: porcini, chanterelles, morelles, yellow and black trumpets, amanita caesarea, macrolepiota procera and other.

mushroom hunting

Truffle hunting in the Zagori region of Ioannina is an activity that takes place all year round. It is a hunt that requires the “learned” assistance of our well trained dogs in combination with our experience of more than 10 years on the field! And what a field, the green forests of the National Park and Unesco Geopark of Vikos-Aoos. The truffle hunt can be a lonely experience, one person, or a more social happening with groups of friends or separate companies.

Both unique activities include mushroom hunting, explanation of the various types of mushrooms and their natural habitat as well as gastronomy events involving cooking the gathered mushrooms right after the forest excursion!

Jeep Safari

The silvan roads at Zagori are ideal for those who love and seek adventure on four wheels. This can be a full day tour and includes Jeeps or Off-road vehicles which pass through unique routes surrounded by Epirus’ green.

safari jeep


The rafting activity is ideal for beginners and families. The descent takes place in the crystal clear waters of Voidomatis river, in the heart of Vikos – Aoos National Park. In the highlights of the trip are the crystal clear turquoise waters, the deep vegetation, the 16th century monastery ruins and the waterfalls under Klidonia’s stone bridge. For more experienced individuals, the rafting in Aoos River can offer great moments of excitement and adrenaline.



Trekking lovers will have the chance to choose among a variety of mountain trails in Zagorochoria. Crossing the Vickos Gorge is a lifetime experience, the magical “Drakolimni”, one of the three alpine lakes which was, according to the myth, used to be inhabitated by dragons, will impress you. The concierge of Zagori Suites will be happy to organize for you a detailed program with maps, suggestions and advice about all you must not miss to visit and taste! We cooperate with activity companies of high expertise that can set up all the details for you!


Horse Riding

On Epirus the Horse has thrived in recent years tourism, trails through pine forests and old trails in the villages of Zagori is an experience to be lived every visitor of Epirus! Be part of Zagori nature and get the chance to ride a horse in the green forests

horse riding
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