Breakfast & Local Tastes

Begin your day at the cozy ambience of our chic breakfast Lounge that blends the local architecture with upholstery from London. During the winter time a variety of coffees and snacks is served at the lounge and guests can enjoy a glass of a local wine in front of the fireplace while during summer guests can relax at the large terrace with umbrellas, garden furniture and sun beds.


The rich traditional breakfast is based on local raw materials of high quality and includes homemade Zagori pies of various flavors, omelets with fresh eggs and sausages, local dairy products and yogurt, a variety of desserts and other local delicacies, homemade jams, fresh juices and seasonal fruits. Our Breakfast is certified by “Greek Breakfast” of Helenic Chamber of Hotels. Immerse yourself in the local cuisine. The culinary experience of Zagori comes from the heritage of Epirus where meat and dairy products were the most important nutritional trends. Local delicacies not to be missed include local Feta cheese, lamp and handmade pies stuffed with cheese, meat, mushrooms etc. After a long trek, rafting or sightseeing there is nothing better than sitting by the fireplace or gazing the sunset behind the cliffs, while eating a really delicious food.

Mrs. Aliki will prepare for you a pick nik basket with traditional handmade pie of your choice to take it along your excursion in Zagori.

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